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"Oh? Is it?" Han but gently put down the ink ivory porcelain coffee cup, with the interesting eyes looked woods, refused to let go of every bit of her face changes in the expression, "That's why, just your secretary mentioned that Hong Kong time, your body obviously a bit stiff? "
Woods heard raised his head, stared Korea sounded unhappy but Mexican one: "If all people are like you are so self-righteous, I think, I really have a reason to hate Hong Kong."
Mexican anger against South Korea but laugh, as if all the insight: "Whether in Hong Kong this city you how to not leave good memories, not the best way to escape, and therefore more money is not necessary to go against you is not it, Miss Lin ? "
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but he wishes to meet a stranger, how can he make assumptions about her past, but also make an appearance of a psychiatrist trying to save her?
Woods right hand knocking heavily on the desktop, point to the left hand door, said:
"You have been drinking a coffee bar, Mr. Han, will not be sent away!"
For her visitor out of this very rude way, but Mexico and South Korea showed no objection, he left a business card on the table, light:
"If you change your mind, then remember that contact me."
Woods suddenly laughed, and then do not hesitate to this well-made business card crumpled, thrown into the trash can not far.
However, look in the eyes of Korean ink, no longer speak, turned Wang Menkou walked.
Woods into his back, just relieved, but no to the next second he stopped, thought of something like the back of the woods, said: "Your dress, stained with the ink, the most well as soon as possible under. "
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down and sure enough, a white silk dress, and a mass of black ink exceptionally clear, she should just force tapping the table holding a pen when accidentally thrown to their work.
Oh, my god! This is her newly purchased Chanel ah!
Such a practice, the woods are not a food tasting mood, had just found a scarf tied around his waist block of ugly piece of ink stains, drove home to change clothes.
Surprisingly, work time, Xiao Ran actually at home.
"How? You are in menopause, the director of that great mercy, so you leave it?" Make life difficult for the woods in such a case there is depressed mood joking.
"The woods, you have the nerve to say! Your phone has been shut down, calling to say you just randomly [url=" http://www.cheapjerseysauthentic.com ] Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys[/url]Square moon back, I then took leave of absence came back to find you." Xiao Ran angry.
"Oh, David, give me a morning call, I get angry, they hand authority of." Woods while out for Tiaoyi Fu from the closet, while not forget to laugh Feng Xiao Ran, "so hurry to find me Zuosa, like me? "
"Damn you!" Xiao Ran askance at her, "To tell you seriously, I saw the photograph of" break free Chun-fang "the."
Just listen to "pop" sound, the woods in the hands of the clothes hangers attached together fell on the floor.
"You ... ... OK?" Woods clearly feel that their voice is trembling.
"You come to look up." Yuehua Jian, Feng Xiao Ran has opened the computer and the screen moved to the woods in front.
It was a photo at first glance nothing special characters, but the range Xiao Ran enlarge a photo, the woods had already recognized the photo as the background behind the painting, it was seven [url=" http://www.savemalls.com/products/Shoes-c10_p1.html ] Wholesale shoes china [/url]years ago she lost - the "free Chun-fang break! "
"Is a piece of it?" Xiao Ran Coushang Confirm Road.
"Yes ..." the woods are not consciously hand gently stroking the computer screen, she witnessed the painting from scratch for each process: drawing, inscription, framed, and even above the scrolls are her personally selected, how could she not know, how uncertain!
But, standing before the painting of this handsome man, why is she at the moment most people do not want to see - but Korean ink!

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