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Reaccoes 'a americana.
Ha' umas partes hilariantes como a do "bomb them". Ti'pico.


September 2, 2005 -- Who is jamming communications in New Orleans? Ham
radio operators are reporting that communications in and around New
Orleans are being jammed. In addition, perplexed ham radio operators
who were enlisted by the Federal government in 911 are not being used
for hurricane Katrina Federal relief efforts. There is some
misinformation circulating on the web that the jamming is the result of
solar flares. Ham radio operators report that the flares are not the
source of the communications jamming. If anyone at the National
Security Agency is aware of the source of the jamming, from direction
finding or satellite intelligence, please discretely contact me at
waynemadsendc@hotmail.com (from a private or temporary email account).
In this case, the Bush administration cannot hide behind national
security and it is the duty of every patriotic American to report such
criminal activity to the press. Even though the information on the
jamming may be considered classified -- it is in the public interest to
disclose it. Also, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is
reporting that no aircraft over New Orleans have been fired on over New
Orleans or anywhere else in the area. Are the reports of shots being
fired at aircraft an attempt by the Bush administration to purposely
delay the arrival of relief to the city's homeless and dying poor? The
neocons have turned New Orleans into Baghdad on the Mississipppi

New Orleans: Who is jamming communications and why?

UPDATE: We can now report that the jamming of New Orleans'
communications is emanating from a pirate radio station in the
Caribbean. The noise is continuous and it is jamming frequencies,
including emergency high frequency (HF) radios, in the New Orleans
area. The radio frequency jammers were heard last night, stopped for a
while, and are active again today. The Pentagon must locate the
positions of these transmitters and order the Air Force to bomb them

However, we now have a new unconfirmed report that the culprit may be
the Pentagon itself. The emitter is an IF (Intermediate Frequency)
jammer that is operating south southwest of New Orleans on board a U.S.
Navy ship, according to an anonymous source. The jamming is
cross-spectrum and interfering with superheterodyne receiver
components, including the emergency radios being used in New Orleans
relief efforts. The jammed frequencies are:

72.0MHZ (high end of Channel 4 WWL TV New Orleans)
45.0MHZ (fixed mobile)
10.245MHZ (fixed mobile)
10.240 Mhz (fixed mobile)
11.340 Mhz (aeronautical mobile)
233 MHZ (fixed mobile)
455 IF (jammer)

A former DoD source says the U.S. Army uses a portable jammer, known
as WORLOCK, in Iraq and this jammer may be similar to the one that is
jamming the emergency frequencies.

UPDATE Sep. 3 -- A Vancouver, British Columbia Urban Search & Rescue
Team deployed to New Orleans reported that their satellite phones were
not working and they had to obtain other satellite phones to keep in
touch with their headquarters and other emergency agencies in British

There is a report on a ham radio web site that jamming is adversely
affecting the New Orleans emergency net on 14.265 Mhz.

If a U.S. Navy ship is, in fact, jamming New Orleans communications,
the crew must immediately shut down the jammer and take action against
the Commanding Officer.


We have just learned from a journalist in Mobile that yesterday,
Sprint blocked all cell phone calls from the Gulf Coast region to
points north and west. Calls were permitted between Alabama,
Mississippi, and Florida but no calls could be made to Washington, New
York, or Los Angeles

September 5, 2005 ...
Meanwhile, the communications jamming in the New Orleans area continues. It is now being reported by truck drivers on Interstate-10 as affecting the Citizens' Band (CB) frequencies.

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