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WoW - Warlock Epic Mount (because paladins are pansies)
Warlock Epic Mount
To put all questions and worries to rest.

Comprehensive materials list:
35 Black Dragonscales
25 Dark Iron Ore (not bars, sorry)
6 Large Brilliant Shards
10 Elixirs of Shadow Power
3 Arcanite Bars
406 Gold


Talk to trainer in Org or UC to get sent to the Altar of Storms in the Burning Steppes. There you will be given 2 quests. To speak to Lord Banehollow in Jaedanar and to get 30 raging beast's blood from owlbeasts in Winterspring.

1) Banehollow - He is at the very back of Shadow Hold. Make sure to buy a stack of potions before you leave the altar of storms to make jadenar friendly to you. Head to the very back of shadow hold and banehollow will give you a simple quest to kill a level 58 who also brings a couple level 58 adds. Do it with a buddy or any other nearby warlocks and you'll be fine. Return to Jaedenar and he will sell you the stardust you need for a mere 150g.

2) Owlbeasts - Go to Winterspring and kill -any- owlbeast for the blood. Drop rate is about 30-40% near as I can figure.

Return to the Altar of Storms in BS to get another series of quests. This is where you will need all the materials listed above.

Your next quest sends you to Scholomance. You must reach the Alchemy Lab in the room with Ras Frostwhisper in a 5 man group. This took us a couple hours and was by far the most annoying/tedious part of the quest, but those of you used to 5 manning scholo shouldnt have a problem. If you're really in a hurry you only need to clear the patrols and the first group of mobs on the right to be able to sneak in and release your imp near the tables and get credit.

Once again you will return to the Altar in burning steppes where you will have to buy 3 more items for 150g, 50g, and 50g. One of the items starts the quest, one of the items is used during the initial part of the Dire Maul event and one is used to summon the dreadsteed. Doesnt really matter which is which, cuz you need em all.

EDIT: While both warlocks in our group had the items, I was the only one who was activating quest events but the other warlock still got credit, so that makes me fairly sure that only one of the warlocks needs to spend the final 250g on the 3 quest items. Both warlocks will still definitely need to spend the 156g on the potion and stardust and be on that step of the quest though.

Head to the west wing of Dire Maul and proceed to clear the pylons and open the way to Immol'thar. Kill the big dog then med up and activate your jar that starts the quest. The Imp will set up a wheel, candle and bell. Do not start this event without at least 15 soulshards in your inventory as you will need to use many during the battle.

During the battle, the candle will deal damage to all enemies within the ring, the wheel will reduce damage taken by your group inside the ring and the bell will heal people inside the ring constantly. You, as the warlock, must keep all 3 of these working. When you see one stop working you can fix it by moving to it and right clicking it which will also expend a soulshard. If you run out of shards it is game over.

You must keep the things working while waves of demons come. They are of 2 varieties. Non-elite cannon fodder imps and elite felguard type demons. The imps are not much to worry about unless they are interrupting you trying to fix one of the parts of the ring so just keep their aggro off you and the candle will take care of them. Aggresively take out the elite felguard mobs as they spawn and use banish and/or enslave as necessary to keep from getting overwhelmed. Having 2 warlocks along for this part is not a bad idea (we had a warrior, mage, 2 warlocks and priest when we did it - yes both warlocks got credit).

Once you've been at it for awhile all the demons will disappear (when banish wears off those demons will disappear and so will enslaved demons when you cancel enslave). At this point you should med up and then summon the dreadsteed. The steed is a 61 elite that hits pretty hard and has a very powerful knockback attack. It is joined by a 62 elite dreadlord (the one you're stealing the mount from) who will sleep members of your group but doesnt hit especially hard. Try to stay within the circle during this fight as its benefits will still apply. Once the dreadsteed dies, a spirit will pop up that you can speak to. Speaking to it will complete your quest and teach you to summon the dreadsteed.

Não fui eu que escrevi, mas creio que estará compreensivo. BS = Blackrock Spire ^_^
"I have no answers for you, vermin. Only scorn!"
- The Vyro-Ingo, "Star Control 3"
Fica uma screenshot da parte do sino/vela/roda:

[Imagem: pretty.jpg]
"I have no answers for you, vermin. Only scorn!"
- The Vyro-Ingo, "Star Control 3"
Eu ja' tinha visto essa descricao.
Mas isto vem a que propo'sito :?:
Acho que é serviço público Smile
"I have no answers for you, vermin. Only scorn!"
- The Vyro-Ingo, "Star Control 3"
Acho que isto é um bom exemplo de como grande parte do jogo é feita para quem não trabalha, e pode jogar 10 ou mais horas por dia.

Aliás, já ouvi dizer que os que têm os "ranks" mais altos no jogo "jogam" 24 horas por dia - quando páram para dormir, um amigo ou familiar continua com o mesmo personagem.

Eu gostava de voltar a jogar uma coisa destas, mas, trabalhando, nunca teria o tempo necessário para investir... é completamente impensável. Sad
"Being based on history, the stages of the game will also be based on battles which actually took place in ancient Japan. So here's this giant enemy crab..."
Depende se quiseres ter o rank 14 ou coisa parecida.

Para os "casual gamers", o conteúdo é menor, é certo, mas continua a haver por onde se puxe Smile
"I have no answers for you, vermin. Only scorn!"
- The Vyro-Ingo, "Star Control 3"

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