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Thanos the Mad Titan
Please note, this list is NOT definitive. There are some appearances missing, mainly due to the crossovers during the Infinity Gauntlet/War/Crusade series. If you see I have missed something, mail me. I'd also like to thank those people who have helped me compile this listing.

Also note that this version of the Appearances list is temporary. I am currently working on a greatly expanded version of this section, which will give more detailed info on each issue in question, and also supply cover scans as well. So, keep an eye out!

Iron Man #55 (First appearance of Thanos. Thanos employs the Blood Brothers against Drax and Iron Man.)
Daredevil #105,107 (Captain Marvel relates the tale of Thanos to Daredevil, the Black Widow, and Moondragon.)
Captain Marvel #25-33 (Thanos reveals his plan to become omnipotent. Thanos obtains Cosmic Cube and uses it to realize his plan. Cosmic Cube shattered by Captain Marvel.)
Logan's Run #6 (Short tale of a skirmish between Thanos and Drax the Destroyer.)
Marvel Feature #12
Avengers #118,125
Warlock #9-11, 15 (Thanos aids Warlock against the Magus. Later, Thanos dispatches Gamora to keep tabs on Warlock.)
Avengers Annual #7 (Warlock finds the mortally wounded Gamora, discovers Thanos' plot to destroy the universe, enlists the aid of the Avengers and Captain Marvel.)
Marvel two-in-one Annual #2 (Warlock killed by Thanos. Thanos then thwarted by the Avengers, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and the Thing. Thanos then killed by Spirit of Warlock.)
Marvel Graphic Novel #1 The Death of Captain Marvel (Thanos guides the dying Captain Marvel to the realm of the dead.)
Silver Surfer #34-38 (Thanos ressurected by Death, comes into conflict with the Silver Surfer. Surfer tricked into believing Thanos is killed.)
Silver Surfer #40 (Silver Surfer returns what he thinks to be the body of Thanos to Titan. It is revealed that Thanos had set up residence in the spacebourne Dynamo City and had set a trap for the Surfer.)
Thanos Quest #1,2 (Thanos gains possession of the extraordinarily powerful Infinity Gems.)
Silver Surfer #44 (Surfer discovers Thanos is not dead. Thanos captures the Surfer and Drax the Destroyer and reveals his gaining of the Infinity Gems. The souls of the Surfer and Drax are drawn into the Soul Gem.)
Quasar #24 Thanos meets Malestrom, who now possesses the power of the Anomaly, and is perhaps the only being in the MU with power equal to that of the Infinity Guantlet.
Silver Surfer #45 (Mephisto becomes Thanos' lackey.)
Silver Surfer #46-47 (Surfer and Drax encounter Warlock in Soul World, relate tale of Thanos' renewed bid for power. The pair is returned to our universe by Warlock.)
Spider-Man #17 (Spider-Man dies in an attempt to save a child, and finds not only Death waiting for him on the other side, but Thanos as well.)
Cloak & Dagger, Vol. 3 #18
Silver Surfer #48 (Thanos confronts Galactus and gives him "advice.")
Silver Surfer #49 (Thanos sends a creature to battle the Surfer in order to delay and frustrate him.)
Silver Surfer #50 (Thanos reanimates the stone husk of his former body in order to further delay the Surfer and to learn the secrets of his past.)
Quasar #30 (Quasar journeys to an alternate universe, witnesses a battle between the hyper-enlarged Thanos and Maelstrom.)
Infinity Gauntlet #1 (Thanos acclimates himself to his new power. On earth, the Silver Surfer tells Dr Strange of what has transpired. Thanos kills off half the Universe as three souls enter the bodies of the recently departed.)
Silver Surfer #52 (Drax and Firelord monitor the Surfer's battle with Thanos' stone Golem and are subsequently summoned by Dr. Strange.)
Quasar #26 (Quasar battles Thanos and fails.)
Infinity Gauntlet #2 (Earth and the rest of the Universe reels from the death of half it's deziens. Adam Warlock reveals himself to be among the living once more, as Thanos' outburst over Death's treatment causes disasters across the cosmos.)
Infinity Gauntlet #3 (The remaining heroes of Earth are gathered for War, as Warlock garners Cosmic allies. Thanos creates Terraxia, his perfect woman, as the Heroes attack.)
Dr Strange #33 (Thanos attacks Dr Strange, transporting the Mage back in time.)
Silver Surfer #55-56 (Thanos kills earth's defenders and the Cosmic Guardians, enslaves Death and the Surfer and becomes the ruler of the universe. These events then revealed to be a daydream.)
Infinity Gauntlet #4 (Thanos, utilizing only the Power Gem, decimates the ranks of the defenders of Earth. The Surfer fails in his effort to steal the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, who restores his full might as the Cosmic Beings attack.)
Silver Surfer #57-58 (Silver Surfer fails to snatch Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos then sends the Surfer into a realm where he must battle his own inner demons.)
Infinity Gauntlet #5 (The cosmic beings are overcome by Thanos, who is betrayed by Mistress Death. Thanos defeats Eternity and replaces him in the cosmic scheme. However, Nebula steals the Gauntlet during Thanos' moment of Triumph and becomes supreme. Thanos ends up on Earth and allies himself with Warlock against Nebula.)
Silver Surfer #59 (Thanos battles the Surfer on a mystic plane of existence. Thanos gains victory through deception.)
Infinity Gauntlet #6 (Thanos and his allies attack Nebula, distracting her so that Warlock can create disharmony within the Gems themselves. Nebula releases the Gauntlet in agony, and Warlock claims it, becoming supreme. Thanos fakes his death, and retreats to an uninhabited, temperate world.)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1 (Events of Warlock's past including his battles against Thanos revealed during his trial.)
Quasar #24
Silver Surfer #67 (Mentor tells the Surfer a somewhat inaccurate tale of Thanos' childhood.)
Infinity War #1 (Across the cosmos, strange things are afoot. Malevolent clones of earth's defenders stalk the originals, Galactus discovers mighty Eternity in a state of catatonia, and even Thanos of Titan fears that creation teeters on the brink of disaster. Before long, Thanos discovers that the one responsible is a shade long thought to be extinguished by the light, and seeks the aid of his former nemesis.)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #7 (Thanos arrives on Monster Isle seeking the aid of Warlock and the Infinity Watch.)
Infinity War #2 (As the heroes of Earth gather to discover what is amiss, Thanos and the Infinity watch travel to Death's realm to gain knowledge of the Magus' plan. The Earth defenders are manipulated into quarrelling amongst themselves and soon find spies lurking within their ranks.)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8 (Thanos and Gamora test each other's battle skills, the Marvel Heroes attack.)
Infinity War #3 (The top of Four Freedom's Plaza is shattered by a Gamma Bomb, and the defenders of Earth are fooled into thinking Warlock and Thanos are responsible. The Magus attacks Galactus, as the Living Tribunal meets with Eternity. The mightiest of Earth's heroes attack the Infinity Watch. while the remaining force on Earth engages in a deadly conflict with their evil dopplegangers.)
Marvel Comics Presents #108-111 (Thanos is drawn into Death's realm during the events of the Infinity War and is told to kill Adam Warlock. An offer that he eventually refuses after much introspection.)
Infinity War #4 (As the Infinity Watch battles the misguided Earth Defenders, Doom and Kang enter the Magus' dimension. Galactus recovers from the Magus' attack and stops the conflict between the Earthers and the Watch. Warlock assembles the Infinity Gauntlet and finds that the gems will not work in unison. The Magus attacks suddenly, taking Warlock and the Gauntlet with him.)
Quasar #38 (Quasar battles Thanos and the Infinity watch alongside the assembled Marvel Heroes.)
Fantastic Four #369
Alpha Flight #111
Wonder Man #14 (Wonder Man battles Thanos and the Infinity watch alongside the assembled Marvel Heroes.)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #9 (Gamora recalls her childhood as Thanos' ward.)
Quasar #39,40 (Thanos convinces Quasar to use the Ultimate Nullifier against the Magus.)
Infinity War #5 (Quasar prepares to use the Ultimate Nullifier against the Magus, just as Doom and Kang launch their attack against him. Using Gamora, Galactus aids Eternity who recovers long enough to convince the Tribunal to reactivate the Infinity Gauntlet. As the Magus gains the power of the Infinite, Thanos teleports into the Magus' stronghold and finds his double waiting for him.)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #10 (Thanos battles his doppleganger.)
Infinity War #6 (As the Earth defenders battle their evil dopplegangers, the Magus acclimates himself to the power supreme. He quickly uses it to subdue Galactus and the heroes as the victorius Thanos blasts through his door. This proves distraction enough for Warlock to freehimself and contact the infinite. The two battle as the Magus finds that reality has escaped his grasp, due to a false Reality Gem upon the Guantlet. Subdued by Infinity and Eternity combined, the Magus is drawn into soul-world by Warlock, who falls into a deep coma.)
Marvel Holiday Special 1993 (Thanos recalls the events of Gamora's childhood.)
Infinity Crusade #1 (Adam Warlock is confronted by the Goddess, his expelled good side. All around the globe, religious visions draw believers to her cause as she traps the Guardian of the Reality Gem in a reality storm. Soon, the Earth heroes of a religious bent heed her call and dissapear to parts unknown, leaving their companions to wonder what is happening.)
Warlock Chronicles #2 (Thanos is rescued from a reality storm by Warlock.)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #19 (Thanos tries to ascertain the Goddess' plan.)
Infinity Crusade # 3 (Reed Richards, Iron Man, and the Vision are intercepted by Uatu the Watcher after their Expulsion from Paradise Omega. Thanos and Warlock make preperations against the Goddess as they recieve a visit from Mephisto. The heoes of Earth gather to decide their plan of action, as the Goddess' thralls on Paradise Omega make plans to attack. The Silver Surfer frees himself from the Goddess' control and Pip makes his move.)
Warlock Chronicles #2 (Thanos accepts Mephisto's offer to gain further insight into the Goddess' scheme.)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #20 (Thanos places a new phase of Warlock's plan into action.)
Silver Surfer #83 (During the events of the Infinity Crusade, Thanos summons the Silver Surfer.)
Infinity Crusade # 4 (Thanos recruits the Silver Surfer as Warlock enters Soul World to confront the Magus. The Heroes of Earth continue their journey to Paradise Omega and are briefed by Thanos and the Surfer just as Thanos Dreadnaught 666 arrives. The Surfer institues part one of Warlock's plan, destroying the moon of Paradise Omega and its orbital defenses. Thor attacks the Avengers' starcrafts, causing the heroes to escape to Paradise Omega.)
Silver Surfer #84 (Thanos uses the Surfer as a living cosmic bomb to distract the Goddess.)
Infinity Crusade # 5 (The heroes battle their enthralled companions as the Goddess makes her final press towards the Rapture. Thanos attacks using D-666, and later the Soul Gem and Professor X. However, ita ll appears too late as the Goddess institutes the Rapture, and the Universe erupts in flames.)
Infinity Crusade # 6 (The flame evelops the Universe, and the Goddess makes plans to do the same to all Universes, just as it is revealed that the Rapture was all an illusion generated by Warlock using the Goddess' cosmic egg. Infuriated, the Goddess attacks and is thwarted by Warlock, Thanos and Professor X. Thanos destroys the Cosmic Egg, and Warlock finds his aid unnapreciated back on Earth. As the Goddess finds herself to be an ephemeral spectre in SOuld World, Thanos honors his bargain with Mephisto, though not to the demons' liking.)
Thor #470 (Pip teleports Himself, the SIlver Surfer, and the Insane Thor into Thanos' sanctum.)
Silver Surfer #88 (Thanos battles the insane Thunder-God, Thor.)
Warlock Chronicles #8 (Thanos journeys into the mind of Thor to uncover the source of his mental instability.)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #25 (Thanos and the Infinity Watch, along with Dr Strange and the Silver Surfer, bring Thor to Asgard, where a huge battle erupts.)
Thor #471 (Odin helps Thor to cure himself. Thor acknowleges Thanos' role in his cure.)
Secret Defenders #11-13 (Thanos gathers a group of warriors and compels them to bring him an ancient oracle of knowledge.)
Cosmic Powers #1-6 (Thanos seeks a worthy challenge and finds it in Tyrant, spawn of Galactus.)
Quasar #59 (Once every year, Thanos and Eros set their differences aside, and the two brothers meet for a brief time and exchange gifts. This year, however, things get a little more stressful than usual, and Quasar is stuck right in the middle of the chaos.)
Silver Surfer #98 (Champion confronts Thanos seeking revenge and is teleported far away.)
Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1 (The Silver Surfer discovers that Death has chosen him as her consort, raising the ire of Thanos. Events in this tale result in Thanos becoming immortal.)
Silver Surfer/Rune #2 (The Reality Gem is stolen from Thanos by Rune.)
Spider-Man team-up #2 featuring the Silver Surfer (Thanos thwarts an attempt on the Silver Surfer's life perpetrated by the artificial intelligence called Quazimodo.)
Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts (Thanos recruits a mercenary to obtain a mysterious source of power.)
Silver Surfer / Green Lantern (Thanos tricks Kyle Rainer, Green Lantern, into bestowing upon him immense power, and is opposed by Hal Jordan and the Silver Surfer.)
DC vs MARVEL #2-4 (Thanos encounters Darkseid and a group of DC heroes.)
Ka-Zar '97 Annual, #4-10 (Thanos revealed to be trapped in an alternate dimension. He employs the aid of Parnival Plunder in order to make his escape, but finds the key to Godhood lies in the dimension itself.)
1998 Marvel Annual Hulk/X-Man (Thanos, still trapped in a dimension of pure energy, attempts to use the Hulk as a physical link into our Universe, but is opposed by the X-Man.)
The Mighty Thor, #21 (Thor is felled by the mighty Mangog, as Thanos' thrall, Tarakis, finishes his duping of Odin. Odin is thus helpless to prevent Thanos, who also possesses the Chalice of Ruins, from taking the apocalyptic 'Map of the All-Ending'.)
2000 Marvel Annual - The Mighty Thor (Thanos, having acquired 2 pieces of the puzzle needed to succeed in his latest gambit, lays waste to the planet Rigel in order to obtain the fire-gem...a stone wich will help him find a being called 'The Designate'.)
The Mighty Thor, #22 (Thor, with the robotic record-keeper 'recorder' in tow, traces Thanos and his allies to a planet where the fabled 'illumination stone' is reportedly secreted. Despite doing his very best, Thor fails to stop Thanos from gaining the artifact.)
The Mighty Thor, #23 (Now joined in his labor by the powerful Firelord, Thor consults with the Millennium Monarch to find out the nature of the artifacts Thanos has gained. In the meantime, Balder strikes a deal with the dwarven blacksmith, Jagrfelm, and Thanos successfully tracks down the Designate...a woman named Tarene, and lays waste to her world.)
The Mighty Thor, #24 (Using the artifacts he has gained, Thanos plans to unleash a wave of unstoppable obliteration across the cosmos. However, Odin and Jagrfelm conspire to create a tool capable of ending Thanos' dreams as Thor and his allies engage Thanos...and fail to stop him.)
The Mighty Thor, #25 (Thor is beaten mercilessly by Mangog, causing Tarene to weep the tears needed for the completion of Thanos' plan. Firestorm fetches the creations of Jagrfelm and Odin, and brings them to the embattled Thor in order to turn the tide of the battle.)
Captain Marvel #17, 18 (Thanos enlists the aid of Thor and Genis, the son of Mar-Vell, in his efforts to defeat the incredibly powerful Death-God, Walker, who seeks to kill Death in a fit of jealous rage.)
Captain Marvel #19 (Thanos attempts to aid the aged and maimed Rick Jones, who was instrumental in the defeat of Walker.)
The Avengers - Celestial Quest #'s 1-8 (Thanos has seemingly rejected Death in order to become the All-Father of a new race of Gods, created by him. In order to accomplish this completely, Thanos must destroy the Celestial Madonna, Mantis, and her son Quoi, the potential Celestial Messiah)
Deadpool - Funeral for a Freak #4 (Thanos is revealed to be the architect of Deadpool's troubles at the conclusion of this Mini-Series)
Thanos: Infinity Abyss #'s 1-6 (Thanos attempts to stave off the destruction of the Universe...a doom that has been brought on by one of his own experiments. Adam Warlock makes his return in this mini-series)
MARVEL: THE END # 1-6 (In the chaos and death that follows the arrival of the seemingly all-powerful Pharoah Ankhenaten, Thanos inadvertently destroys the entire universe. )
THANOS # 1-6 (In 'Epiphany', the first story-arc of his ongoing series, Thanos decides to make amends for his past misdeeds. His first stop, a Rigellian colony, where he offers any aid he can render, a move that eventually pits him against Galactus. But Galactus is persuing his own mysterious goal, one which could endanger all reality. )
THANOS # 7-12 (In 'Samaritan', the second and final story-arc of his ongoing series, Thanos journeys on a pilgrimage of sorts to an area called "The Crunch" , which lies at the very border of the expanding universe. There in the intergalactic prison run by the powerful police-force known as Omega-Core, Thanos encounters not only his lost love, Death, but also a mystery from his childhood. One which could threaten not only his life, but the lives of everyone around him.)

Alternate Appearances

What If? #34 (Alternate possibilities for the Infinity Gauntlet affair as Thanos turns Galactus into Elvis Presley.)
What If? #49 (Alternate possibilities for the Infinity Gauntlet affair as the SIlver Surfer succeeds in stealing the Infinity Gauntlet.)
What If? #104 (Alternate possibilities for the Infinity Gauntlet affair as the Gauntlet falls into the hands of the Impossible Man, and hilarity erupts)
What If? #112 (Alternative possibilities for the Terraformer affair presented in Ka-Zar.)
Cyberspace 3000 (Marvel UK) #6-8 (Thanos and Adam Warlock in a possible future timeline)
Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions (2 brief alternate tales involving Thanos appear in this collection of interesting twists on popular MU characters) [Imagem: Thanos.jpg]
There's no stoppin' what can't be stopped, no killin' what can't be killed. You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin'...
Isso lembra-me... tenho de ir ler os 3 cds com what ifs que tenho...
O que é quase assustador é que já li quase, quase tudo isso.

Faltam-me as aparições dele no Quasar, Marvel Comics Presents, Ka-Zar (!!), Silver Surfer/Rune, Wonder Man, Secret Defenders e Deadpool. Tenho ou já li tudo o resto.... o que, pela lista, é mesmo MUITA coisa, bem mais do que eu pensava.
"Being based on history, the stages of the game will also be based on battles which actually took place in ancient Japan. So here's this giant enemy crab..."

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