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E3 chat log
E3: the chatlog
Sony: Woo! Check out the PS3! It pushes squillions of polydandries!
Audience: That's nice, but we've heard that before.
Sony: Well I guess you aren't interested in MGS4 then?
Audience: Wooh! Rock on MGS4!
Sony: And check out our new controller. It's like our old controller, but it has tilt sensors, but not like those crappy Nintendo sensors, ours are EXTREEMME!
Audience: Wait what? What about the Baterang?
Sony: And the best part? The console's not only the biggest of the next gen consoles, but it's the most expensive!
Audience: WTF?!
Sony: And! If you pay a measly $100 more, you can get the version that doesn't suck!
Audience: Fuck you.
Sony: Screw you guys too then, you'll be begging to mortgage your house for Blu-ray one day!
*Sony has left #E3
*Nintendo has joined #E3
Nintendo: Wiiiiiii!!!
Audience: Wiiii?!
Nintendo: WIIIIIIIIII!!!!
Audience: Wii!!
*Nintendo does cool shit with their 'gimmicky' controller
Audience: Man that looks fun
*Nintendo is Away
*Microsoft has joined #E3
Microsoft: We were kinda worried about Sony, but now... I don't even know if we need to show Halo 3
Audience: Wooo! Halo 3!!
Microsoft: Cool.
*Nintendo is back
Nintendo: So I hear you like Metal Gear
*Nintendo surprises everyone and puts Snake in a SSBB
Audience: WTF Holy Shit wowo!
"Being based on history, the stages of the game will also be based on battles which actually took place in ancient Japan. So here's this giant enemy crab..."
lol, que típico...
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