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Progress quest.

Esta e' a minha personagem:

Level 83 (exp. 5755381/6548647)

Plot stage: Act LXXVI (8 days remaining)
Quest: Fetch me a plank (44% complete)

STR 11988
CON 36321
DEX 9141
INT 20035
WIS 11556 HP Max 80936
CHA 10937 MP Max 58671

Shield +67 Festooned Gilded Baroque Shield
Helm +46 Festooned Fine Plasma
Hauberk +56 Cambric Studded Diamond Mail
Brassairts +46 Holy Festooned Plasma
Vambraces +53 Studded Holy Diamond Mail
Gauntlets +47 Impressive Studded Plasma
Gambeson +56 Festooned Holy Mithril Mail
Cuisses +59 Gilded Holy Kevlar
Greaves +59 Custom Holy ABS
Sollerets +45 Fine Holy Plasma

Spell Book:
Revolting Cloud MMMDCCCIX
Cone of Annoyance MMMMCCCV
Invisible Hands MMMMXXXVII
Spectral Miasma MMMDLIII
Nestor's Bright Idea MMMCLXXXVIII
Magnetic Orb MMMCMXVI
Braingate MMMXXVI
Aqueous Humor MMMDCLXIII
Tumor (Benign) MMCCCXV
Animate Nightstand MMCCXLVI
Vitreous Humor MMCXXII
Angioplasty MCXVII
Astral Miasma MCLV
Eye of the Troglodyte MMCCCII
Grognor's Big Day Off MXV
Roger's Grand Illusion MDCCXCI
Ursine Armor DCLXXXIV
Holy Batpole MMDCCXL
Holy Roller CDLXXIV
Tonsilectomy CLXXIX
Spectral Oyster MCCXXVI
Acrid Hands CMLXXIV
Animate Tunic DCLXI
Curse Family CCXLVI
Tumor (Malignant) MXCI
Infinite Confusion XXXIII
Big Sister MMCVII
Cone of Paste MDCCLXXXIX
Nonplus MDCLVI

Inventory (571/11998 cubits):
35121 gold pieces
11 leather golem fobs
the Arcane Ornament of Domination
13 orcus wands
14 purple worm dungs
13 titan sandals
16 stegosaurus plates
a balor whip
3 quartz giant crystals
the Magnificent Gemstone of Pleasure
11 oxygen golem platelets
10 efreet cinders
the Filigreed Bandolier of Happiness
14 mastodon tusks
2 rice giant grains
14 demogorgon tentacles
2 djinn lamps
13 asmodeus leatherses
8 shambling mound mulches
7 diplodocus fins
the Fearsome Garnet of Torpor
2 barbed devil flames
the Spectral Sphere of Hydragyrum
3 black pudding salivas
4 gorgosaurus arms
8 roc wings
5 hill giant corpses
5 bacon elemental bits
9 chromatic dragon mineral waters
6 lurker sacs
10 beer golem foams
6 tyranosauraus rex forearms
3 megalosaurus jaws
5 beholder eyestalks
11 brontosaurus brains
5 porcelain giant fixtures
2 umber hulk claws
13 baalzebul pantses
a minotaur map
14 hair elemental follicles
12 storm giant barometers
the One True Hood of Intrusion
9 yeenoghu flails
14 dispater matcheses
the Golden Ankh of Happiness
13 cloud giant condensations
3 sphinx paws
3 beef giant steaks
a hezrou leg
the Lucky Orb of Extroversion
the Reverential Amethyst of Practicality
8 baluchitherium ears
8 jubilex gels
the Legendary Lens of Ra
a vampire pancreas
the Blessed Galoon of Hurting
13 geryon cornucopias
3 bone devil hooks
4 lich crowns
8 dragon turtle shells
7 nalfeshnee tusks
the Astral Gimlet of the Bone
4 roper twines
5 elasmosaurus necks
2 frost giant snowmen
10 cheese elemental curds
the Magnificent Lamp of Guile
11 triceratops horns
4 bronze dragon medals
8 rubber golem balls
6 neo-otyugh organ s
the Blessed Scabbard of Envy
the Mythic Fleece of Internment
2 hydra gyrums
10 cardboard golem recyclings
the Gilded Ornament of Nervousness
8 copper dragon loafers
a monoclonius horn
4 pentasaurus heads
3 porn elemental lubes
2 stone giant hatchlings
the Mythic Festoon of Petulance
the Gleaming Diadem of Ra
7 pit fiend seeds
the Fearsome Ankh of Chaos
an otyugh organ
the Puissant Bandolier of Envy
the Dual Brooch of Cruelty
the Enchanted Hymnal of Acrimony
an owlbear feather
the Gleaming Amethyst of Foreboding
the Iron Laurel of Awe
a manticore spike
the Garlanded Ankh of Danger
a marilith arm
the Puissant Orb of Diamonique
2 shedu hooves
the Crystalline Fleece of Submission
the Grandiose Ornament of Torpor
the Lucky Corset of Comfort
3 sand elemental glasses
3 fire giant cigaretteses
the Gilded Festoon of Despair
the Ormolu Gammel of Silence
2 vrock necks
3 brass dragon poles
6 trapper shags
2 ettin furs
the Benevolent Ankh of Patience
3 ice devil snows
a wyvern wing
the Spectral Lens of Suffering
4 remorhaz protrusions
2 will-o-the-wisp wisps
a spectre vestige
the Lucky Spangle of Craft
the Proverbial Diadem of Torpor
the Gilded Arrow of Foreboding
the Austere Gimlet of Diamonique
a red dragon cocktail
an ochre jelly nucleus
the Gleaming Scabbard of Foreshadowing
a naga rattle
the Crystalline Garnet of Grob
a carrion crawler egg
the Grandiose Gemstone of the Bone
the Grandiose Galoon of the Bone
5 humidity giant dropses
the Spectral Hood of Envy
the Unearthly Festoon of Diamonique
the Ormolu Gimlet of Joy
the Sacred Tiara of Rapidity
2 mimic hinges
the Proverbial Lamp of Fortune
the Arcane Ornament of Prurience
2 couatl wings
the Golden Festoon of Cruelties
the Cruciate Orb of Perspicacities
the Lucky Ankh of Chaos
the Lucky Gimcrack of Awe
a mummy gauze
a plaid dragon sporrin
the One True Fleece of Envy
the Austere Gimlet of Grob
a treant acorn
an ogre talon
a gorgon testicle
the Enchanted Gemstone of Submission
the Mythic Gammel of Submission
the Arcane Brazier of Chaos
Acho que ainda acabas a trocar o WoW por isto. Tongue
[Imagem: indiaslb1mj1o.gif]
Como é que é possivel ter tanta coisa na inventory Biggrin
[Imagem: n3taar.gif]
Krono [pt Escreveu:Como é que é possivel ter tanta coisa na inventory Biggrin

Acho que ele está a gerir muito mal aquilo. Há lá muitos objectos que não interessam para nada, ele devia antes vendê-los e comprar armas melhores, que assim talvez já não morresse tantas vezes contra os bosses.
[Imagem: indiaslb1mj1o.gif]
Krono [pt Escreveu:]
Como é que é possivel ter tanta coisa na inventory Biggrin

571/11998 cubits. Estava quase vazio!
Tantos slots meu deus! Biggrin
[Imagem: n3taar.gif]

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