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"This is not a yesterday
Warm directly to the obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Kan Leyan warm, smile, "come, girl."
Warm nodded, turned around and looked at me.
The doctor found a hand waving at me. I am a little embarrassed, but still passed. Edge to the doctor, the doctor looked at me "how not careful, so the girls know how the body is not you?"
50-year-old doctor looks like, is a woman. Dressed in white.
"I did not mean."
"What is the relationship between you two?"
"My girlfriend," I said very frankly, "Doctor, I want to know, she was the situation, how to do."
"I am with her for a long time, she did not listen, it's like a child crying tears of people, looking at all distressed, young people, ah, really, can not say." Doctor talking rock shook his head.
"Doctor, you talk about, like I speak, how to do." I turned around, Kan Leyan warm, she still turned her head to one side, did not say a word.
"She this situation, now, are two cases, because pregnancy is not long, so it can be the first medical abortion, the so-called medical abortion, medical abortion is, I'll give you a simple point, the first medication, if medication can destroyed, then the best, but if the medication after also afford to fight, then the problem is more serious, and need to curettage. curettage abortion are, there will be some risk and concurrency. and it will be painful . medical abortion, perhaps also cause abdominal pain. "Then the doctor looked at me after" specific how, you fixed it. "
I thought "Now what is painless does not mean it?"
The doctor smiled, "ah, this painless Here we present the technology is not perfect, but, need for intravenous anesthesia, nfl jerseys cheap
I do not recommend using this method, because after so many years, I have said before that the method is feasible relatively high, operate, relatively smoothly, but over time the development of the future, this will be painless development of good, but now, the effect is really not very good, but do not believe in some small areas of false advertising, an abortion, must go to a regular large hospital, compared to face with the body, the pros and cons you should know. "
"That doctor, as you said, come on."
"That's the girl mean?" The doctor smiled, "you and me, that's not all, have people make your own decision right."
"Medicine or at any Ye Hao, everything, all the best with you here. To reduce the harm to the body a little, that even a little. No problem, right."
The doctor thought, nodding, "worry."
I smiled, from wallet inside, out of only three hundred dollars, "the doctor, that you first hand"
"No, no, I can not accept."
"You do not too few, I am a student, there is not much money, but this is a mind, really, you accept it." Then after I stuffed the clothes went, the doctor, he just put money into the the doctor's pocket, "Ye Hao as surgery, drug stuff, money, I would go to prepare my girlfriend, on a lot of trouble you bother, doctor."
Or doctor to accept my money, looked at me appreciate, and then laughed at me, "rest assured, rest assured that so, I would let her prescription."
"Ah, good" Then I turned around and looked after warm "waiting for you in this, I went out to find the money."
"You have not consulted my meaning."
"I mean that what you mean, you do not the election. Obedient." I am very strong said "all my fault, you wait for me, here." Then after, I ran down.
Down the stairs, I took the phone up to find his aging mother's address book, pondering for a long time, or the courage to give her in the past,
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the reason is very simple, I came from a family which took four thousand dollars, which only a month, I talk to family money, my mother would collapse, my family has no money, no family as the East Cape. I pondered on the headaches, warm, must use the best way to minimize harm to the body, to do away the child, think of the warm belly of the child, and my heart some strange feeling, after all, live so large, it is Dangdie the first time, my heart feel particularly uncomfortable, and even a trace of you want to warm the child was born the idea, but just think about this idea out, I was forcibly suppressed, and kidding, I was 18 I do not want so early Dangdie. But for the warm reality of pregnancy, I still can not escape. Turned over the phone inside the address book, a long time, or find a phone Allen, Allen is no longer around, and also trouble him, really, I was a bit embarrassed.
Which retain a weekly phone call gorilla, but I really do not know how to speak with him, after all, so long did not contact, and contact him now, is to borrow money, but do not know what to take when an order is also on the money.
Can not speak with the Eastern Cape to be, because I do not want people to know me and warm things, but not so purple Ya know. Now people do not know who to turn around, the original people, more embarrassed look. Chen Yang in school, certainly not get out so much money, Shitai is money, but are dead bald for her to take life, I can not borrow. Looking for a small move, it is tantamount to looking for Xu, brother, and I really do not want to give Allen a trouble.
No other way, finally decided to phone calls Xu brother, results of the other has been shut down, I sighed, turned around and looked upstairs, under the appearance of a strong warm askew, in the end how the hidden weak heart. Does not matter that a face, in the end the number of buried grievances. I know she just pretend it strong. I'm a fan of his downstairs two fiercely mouth, suddenly feeling very warm pathetic.
I took the phone, or call the Allen, phone for a long time before pass, "Hey. Six children." Allen's voice was very tired.
"Allen, where you do."
"Sleep it, six children, how,
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something ah."
"Ang" I hesitated.
"Well, brother to know you, Well, what happened."
I sighed, "I really have no other option. Allen, I need the money, but I do not know when to back you."
"How much." Allen said, very directly.
"5000 bar. Not that time is not enough."
"More will be."
"The sooner the better."
"What time is it?"
I looked at the phone, "more than 3 pm. Immediately to 4 o'clock. Is 4 bar."
"You go to ATM, etc. I go now I send money to you right away you waiting for me."
I thought some sad, little voice, "Allen, I am."
"Why not with the brother said, now go to the bank, I went to give you money. The bank card number sent over. To find the best Chinese banks'
"I was the Bank of China."
"That's good." Allen finished after asking to put the phone hung up.
My eyes were suddenly on the red, hand rubbed their eyes, think of Allen, really uncomfortable. Turned around and looked at the upstairs warm, but also take into account not so much, and hand stopped a taxi, "Master, go to the Bank of China, to the recent" After I got finished.
My taxi driver to stop at the bank door, I get off to the bank, waited less than five minutes, my phone rang, "Hey, six children."
"Get money."
I nodded, "Do not hang it." Then after I went into the bank, here's a large counter, bank staff have not conducted business, and this less than four thirty. To the ATM side, I card, check balances, looked at "Brother, money credited into the."
"Well, I went back to sleep,
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last night did not sleep a night, good life, your brother is no longer around, your strong point, like a little man, the best can become a Big Brother, Oh, brother that 5,000 dollars is not bad , you had your good days it, after a meteoric rise, doubling to come back, it wants to. "
Strange feeling in my heart, "know."
"Men point, do not hesitant to those of their own, take up, you know? This is the only requirement for your brother, sooner or later learn to be independent and we always at your side. We Ge Jige between, including baldhead
"Allen's voice suddenly small, then suddenly the" no distance, no distance ever. "
"I know, you have odds with Hui Xu it?"
"Well, do not tell me to mention him."
I sighed, "will not the. Really."
"I told you many times, when mixed community to find my results except towards children, you who put my words when the words, and what I can not get angry."
"Well, well."
"Well, I went to sleep." Allen finished later, gave the phone hung up.
I shook my head, holding a thick stack of money, put the clothes inside, to warm the phone call in the past, "Hey."
"Warm, that you still do it."
"Ah, in it." Warm voice cold.
I sighed, "and so I, I find the money, which in the past." Then after, I hailed "the master, in front of the hospital."
When I went to the obstetrics and gynecology, that the doctor smiled at me, "Young man, how kind."
I looked at the doctor, "Doctor, do ask your brother, can it?"
The doctor smiled, "you say."
"Is as I said, all have varying degrees of damage to the body minimum, there should be a how to plan"
The doctor thought, "can be hospitalized, but most people do not hospitalized, only 30 minutes after surgery, but then in the hospital, leaving the observation, there is the doctor, and will definitely be better."
"Well, doctor, you say, attached to medication,
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or surgery or something, all sat down to how much money."
"This can not say."
"You say the limit."
Doctor thought a moment "3000 quick about it, of course, is the cost of training, including hospitalization, if the success of medical abortion if that is what a few hundred dollars, if not hospitalized, direct flow, it is about 1000 dollars, After some considerations I remind you enough. "
"Doctor, medical abortion want big?"
Doctor shook his head, "this is not to say, not as a person and a person"
"That is to say, abortion, may be OK, or not?"
Doctor nodded his head "if not abortion, it can only flow a curettage."
"Doctor, then so be it, you do not operate other things, directly on the flow better. Or medical abortion, affected by a crime, not into the last case, it must then suffer the direct flow, hospitalization, once and for all can be it? "
The doctor looked at me and smiled, "OK, so it's no problem, but the views of the parties was Man."
"Doctor, you are so, I went out to make a phone call." Then after I ran out, the number from the clothes inside out ten, tipped his other pocket, and then ran back inside from clothes out 4,000 dollars, "the doctor, which is 4,000 dollars, all to you, you know, our convenient, I met the first time such a thing, hospital Ye Hao, how Ye Hao, all trouble you Only my girlfriend minimize the damage, you can, you all right? "
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