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Crítica ao CD do Kevin Federline
K-Fed = musical genius
By Jonathan Coachman
October 30, 2006

Ultimate Manilow, The Essential REO Speedwagon, Christmas with Kenny Rogers, these are the greatest albums ever released in the history of recorded music. This Halloween, there will be a new disc to add to that list; Kevin Federline’s Playing with Fire.

I’m not usually one for rap music or ‘hip hop,’ but K-Fed’s album is so brilliant it spans every musical genre, and even creates some of its own. To call K-Fed a ‘musical genius’ would be an understatement. ‘Super-genius’ - still not good enough. Mr. Federline’s first single, America’s Most Hated should be re-named America’s Best Singer... Ever, because he truly is.

Not only does Mr. Federline have an incredible voice, but his song writing skills are better than Beethoven’s and Mozart’s combined. Take these ‘fresh rhymes’ from America’s Most Hated, “I’m the talk of the town… Kevin Federline, I come tight with every rhyme. I built a kingdom down the street from Pepperdine!” The layers of meaning are endless. Yes, Kevin Federline is his name, but in a lot of ways isn’t it EVERYBODY’S name? Think about it, I dare you, but you better prepare to have your mind blown.

Lose Control is probably the catchiest song since Copacabana, but even the great Barry Manilow couldn’t lay down ‘lyrics’ like this. “Closet full of kicks, garage full of whips. Vegas crap table got the pit ball sticks.” I have no idea what that means, but it sounds like K-Fed is ‘keepin’ it real.’

On Dance with a Pimp, K-Fed teams up with Ya Boy. The track mixes Eastern melodies with traditional hip hop styles. These ‘ill jams’ are almost as fine as the WWE Divas. Just a word of advice, anyone who doesn’t want to dance with a pimp has got to be ‘straight trippin’.’
[Imagem: indiaslb1mj1o.gif]
Realmente, os argumentistas da WWE conseguem ter momentos de inspiração completamente surreal. :roll:
"I have no answers for you, vermin. Only scorn!"
- The Vyro-Ingo, "Star Control 3"

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