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Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Footage Causes Outrage
Game Politics makes note of criticism over leaked footage from the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 release. (Spoiler warning.) Footage shows the player engaged in killing civilians with terrorists (relevant video begins at about 1:50, second source in case of DMCA). Several game sites are asking if this is taking things too far. Probably just advertising at work, but the footage is indeed controversial — the question remains whether or not it is out of context."

Stupid McStupidson (1660141) on Wednesday October 28, @04:57PM

For christ's sake, it's a game! You aren't killing anyone. Nobody is dying. Nobody is killing you. It isn't real. Driving fast on Forza or Pole Position does not make me want to speed IRL, shooting cartoon people in TF2 doesn't make me want to shoot cartoon people IRL, and stealing endless amounts of cars in GTA doesn't make me want to steal cars or be a 'banger' IRL. There are no moral decisions because you aren't really a soldier, those aren't really people, and those aren't really guns. For fucks sake.

by caitsith01 (606117) on Wednesday October 28, @06:05PM

So your thesis is that everything fictional is acceptable, not only from a legal perspective but also such that it may not be criticised or the subject of moral or ethical censure?

I don't think you understand free speech. Free speech doesn't mean "free from all consequences", it means "free from legal consequences". If you say something which disgusts me, it is not inconsistent with "free" speech for me to express my disgust and encourage others to do the same (in fact, it is consistent with my corresponding right to free speech).

People saying that this footage disgusts them is not only legitimate, it's healthy and (IMHO) reassuring.

Furthermore, you seem to suggest that the player has no level of investment or involvement in the events that occur inside modern games, which is patently wrong.

Seriously, what the fuck? Are you telling me, than you've never read, enjoyed, or engaged in ANY kind of fictional endeavor, game, novel, comic book the involved a crime, or something tasteless or horrible? Are you telling me that by playing monopoly, I will become more likely to want to financially destroy people? Are you saying that because I read Frankenstein I will want to 'play God' as it were?

No, that's not what I said so I won't respond to this point.

People playing video games KNOW they are playing video games. They voluntarily purchase the game, or they voluntarily take up the controller at their friends house. They have not been conned, or duped. They are not under any kind of direct emotional manipulation to fool them otherwise.

Where did I say anyone was FORCING anyone else to play anything? I was merely observing that to condemn something like this brings out the knee-jerk "free" speech brigade, of which you appear to be a flag bearer, who demand speech which is not only free from legal consequences but free from criticism or condemnation. I KNOW that they KNOW they are playing video games. In a few years time, I will still find it disturbing if a human being can sit there with a virtual but totally convincing image of another human being who is at their mercy and choose to kill that virtual human. That is my opinion, and I don't think that my expression of it or others' distaste at the notion of this part of this game in any sense impinges on anyone's freedom of speech.

If you are so cognitively and emotionally weak that you cannot separate from reality behavior in a fictional setting, the content of that setting is far from the problem.

If people didn't engage emotionally with the actions they carry out in games, why would they contain elements plainly designed to provoke an emotional response? Put differently, if there is such a separation, why not have the player kill anonymous non-civilians in this game, or aliens, or robots? Because people emotionally respond to realism, and terrorists killing civilians in an airport is pretty realistic and believable. Would you be concerned about a kid that constantly drew pictures of themself hurting others? Or an adult who spent their whole time watching the most sadistic and violent porn possible? Apparently not, because they 'know it's not real'. Note once again that 'concerned' does not equal 'should be legally banned'.

Furthermore, if you think video games somehow apply to the crowded theater caveat of free speech, you are without a doubt, a complete fucking moron.

I don't know what the fuck you're fucking talking about, so apparently I am indeed a fucking moron. I do gather that you are assuming that everyone on this site in American, which would probably put you in the same category. Hail, fellow fucking moron.

It goes on and on and on....


[Imagem: pointing-finger.jpg?w=500]
There's no stoppin' what can't be stopped, no killin' what can't be killed. You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin'...
(29-10-2009, 07:48)Khorazyn Escreveu: People playing video games KNOW they are playing video games. They voluntarily purchase the game, or they voluntarily take up the controller at their friends house. They have not been conned, or duped. They are not under any kind of direct emotional manipulation to fool them otherwise.

É isto que eu penso.

No entanto, falta algum tipo de distinção visual entre os vários intervenientes nessa discussão. Não é muito difícil perceber quando muda o orador, mas umas cores/sublinhados/bold/etc ajudariam bastante.
"I have no answers for you, vermin. Only scorn!"
- The Vyro-Ingo, "Star Control 3"
Acho que é parvo quando há problemas por o jogo ser demasiado realista... Quer dizer que se assemelha muito à realidade, e que retrata coisas que acontecem na realidade...

Esta é uma discussão já muito antiga, e já tem dado chatices, e já tem envolvido Jack Thompsons e coisas do género.

Recomendo que vejam isto, do Mass Effect:
que prova o preconceito que existe em relação aos videojogos... aí fala-se de "sexo", e não de violência... Mas a situação é semelhante.

Eu cá concordo com a citação escolhida pelo Kanzentai.

Fico realmente chateado quando usam jogos como bodes expiatórios, e quando agem como se fosse a pior coisa do mundo, que corrompe a juventude e leva a um aumento da criminalidade e à SIDA e à homossexualidade e aos quistos sebáceos... é tudo culpa dos jogos...

Eu cá gosto de jogos com violência (Tekken, God of War, GTA... God of War merece ser referido duas vezes), e não me afecta em nada na vida real. Não ia achar piada que me viessem criticar por matar ou destruir coisas nos jogos...

Já agora, vejam este "jogo"
If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything

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