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Want to Help Make a Syfy Movie?
This is your chance to create the next legendary B Movie!

IGN is partnering with Syfy for an upcoming Saturday Original Movie – and giving you the chance to help build the movie from start to finish.

Beginning Friday, you'll have the chance to vote on the basic set up for the story, from the following three science fiction starting points.

Bermuda Triangle: When the President's plane goes down in the Bermuda Triangle, a rescue force discovers that the cause of unexplained disappearances is not an electromagnetic force or weather anomalies – it's a monstrous alien creature.

Roswell: In 1947, something crash-landed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. Pieces of the strange craft were found, photographed and quickly confiscated by the U.S. government – but no one ever talks about the living creature that was recovered from the site.

2012: On December 21st in the last year of the Mayan calendar, something thought long dead rises to live again – and that means trouble for civilization.

[Imagem: BMovie_1277243353.jpg]

The full Syfy/IGN campaign, called B Movie Mogul, will launch this Friday. After the six-week voting period for the storyline ends, the winning movie concept will be announced during the Saturday, August 14 Saturday Original Movie.

After that, fans will be involved along the way for the entire duration of the making of the movie, including choosing the title, creatures, wardrobe, dialogue and promotional taglines... or how some characters might meet their demise. Plus we'll give you access to what goes on behind-the-scenes on a Syfy Saturday Original Movie, via updates from IGN and Syfy executives and the debut of initial creature designs and artwork.

Check back at IGN this Friday, June 25th, to begin voting on the first step in the B Movie Mogul process!
There's no stoppin' what can't be stopped, no killin' what can't be killed. You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin'...
Se for como as outras coisas que sairam do IGN...
Para comecar, aquilo so' deve estar disponi'vel para gente dos EUA.

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